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President - Roberta Womack

Hello - and thanks for checking us out. If you would like to find the best friend you'll ever meet, please check out some of the hairy kids available on our website. My husband and I rescue small pets - any size/shape/color - and do our best to get them ready to find their forever home. You'll never find a more loving or loyal companion. Adopt your next best friend; you'll be glad you did!

Although there has been a decrease in the number of animals facing euthanasia, they're still being PTS every week due to the lack of space and the number of family pets being surrendered to shelters every day because of the economy. PLEASE open your heart/home to one of these wonderful hairy kids!


Fort Worth, Texas

Hours: Please contact us to make an appointment.

Phone: 817.714.0990

Email: ThreeWeeDogs@yahoo.com

Vice President - Carol Crawford

I have always loved animals, especially dogs. When I retired, I decided to become a foster for the rescue group "Lucy's Lost Loved Ones". I met Roberta (the founder) and the rest of the crew at an adoption event, and I have been in love with our dogs since.

It never ceases to amaze me the excuses people come up with for giving up a dog. Even when the dogs have been abused and neglected, they still have the capacity to love. Next time you are looking to add to your family, please consider adopting not shopping! And please, spay or neuter your pets!

Email: ThreeWeeDogsCC@yahoo.com

Foster Coordinator - Tanya Nutall

I started fostering over 4 yrs ago when a friend asked me to foster a male pit mix named Zeus. I really did try to adopt him out but he was returned due to not eating. He would walk in the house past my Chis and walk to the food bowl. Long story short, Zeus is still with me, over the years we have foster failed several times. In the past I have fostered for different rescues,and each one had wonderful strong points and values. Upon retiring from AAFES we decided to move from Ft Worth out to Springtown where we did not have to worry about the amount of dogs we had.

With moving into a smaller house we downsized the size of dogs we fostered. Since we already had a couple of Chis being a foster for Lucy's was a natural progression. I have been with Lucy's for well over a year and love it. My husband is funny because we are in agreement to foster but he wants to keep them all. Our latest foster failure is Zeke. Actually he adopted my husband.

Being part of the Lucy's team is great, I really hate seeing these little dogs so scared in the shelters, seeing them get adopted is wonderful even though it breaks my heart everytime one goes, they are on to bigger things with their own families. I would really like to see more people foster, Lucy's takes care of all medical expenses, you just share your heart and home. Any questions you can contact me via email.

Email: ThreeWeeDogsTN@yahoo.com

Transport - Sherry Green

Several years ago, a co-worker of mine, Bob, began to go to a small shelter that was near our place of emplyment during his lunch period to walk the dogs there. A few of us would talk a lot about our dogs a lot, how much they are family to us, and how great we thought that it was for Bob to spend his lunch period in this manner. More co-workers began to join my friend during lunch to exercise the shelter dogs. Soon, a small group of us formed a rescue group that met on Saturdays at the shelter for adoptions/baths/attention for the dogs.

I am still a member of that rescue and have now began to volunteer for LLLO, also. I have had many rewarding experiences through both of these fine rescue groups. When you find a family/person/dog that 'click' together, that's worth a million bucks!

Marketing Director - Paige Shuman

My husband and I first got involved with LLLO as a foster home for a sweet little dog named Sandy, who had been with LLLO for over a year. We only had Sandy for a few days when Roberta got a call from a wonderful lady who wanted to give Sandy her forever home! We were very sad to have to say good-bye to Sandy, but when my husband and I started this journey, the idea was to help dogs, not just adopt the first one.

Our second foster, Trixie, spent 7 weeks with us, and we came very close to just making her part of our family. Then we got a call from a family with two boys who really wanted her, so off she went to bring happiness and love to her new home. Over Christmas 2012 we picked out our third foster, Snickers. Well, Snickers is our foster fail, LOL! He ended up being the perfect buddy for our dog Roxanne, so we wasted no time in adopting him.

Email: ThreeWeeDogsPS@yahoo.com

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